by Oakheart

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released June 14, 2014



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Oakheart Dallas, Texas

Emerging alongside their first EP release, titled “Vacancy”, Oakheart is a five piece indie-rock band from Dallas, Texas.

Oakheart was formed in 2013 and consists of Giovanni (gtr/vox), Brigitte (gtr/kbrd/vox), James (drums), Kris (bass), and Gino (gtr/vox).
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Track Name: The Outside
Open wide and taste the earth, we are looking right at you
To satisfy our greed, and respectfully, you agree

Have I lived a quiet life, far away from the outside?
Oh, God please forgive me for all of that time, the time that I’ve wasted

When you can’t live in the moment you find that all those minutes won’t stay
And that fall back to the surface will tear you apart, save me

Aren’t you afraid
To be in this game
Where nothing is safe
I am amazed by what I can gain
When I don’t abstain
From being wrong
I’ll lead you along
You won’t be the same
It’s for the best
It’s for my interest
And nothing less

Let go, it’s time. It’s time to move on
Nailed down in place, lift up your head, child, and face your fear

And if I had a say, would my voice be enough
Your actions spoke louder, but only for the worse
Did you ever think twice?
No, you were set from the start
Taking everything you wanted,
But when I asked for more
You kept me tangled in this thread
And built me a skeleton instead
Track Name: Fickle
We were made to believe that we have a purpose and a reason to be alive
So I spent all my time searching for answers
To why I’m here in this place and time

I can’t take it anymore
All these thoughts taking up space in my mind
I know I think too much
But I can’t help it when there is so much I want to do
Before I die

I had it all figured out, oh I swear it
I was convinced, perfectly comfortable in my skin
But what can you do when a choice must be made
When I want to be alive and not just existing

Give and take
Time won’t stop just for your sake
When you break, you’re not too far
From finding truth to who you are

We’re being dragged along, with our hands tied behind our backs
And our ankles bound, how I miss the sound
Of a dream screaming my name
Track Name: Vacancy
Black birds fly away from crooked shapes upright
But I refuse to shy away from the fear I often find
So I’ll ignite a fire to the sky to get me by
‘Cause I know we all must die,
But I want to live while I’ve got time

How could it be that you just weren’t meant for this?
Don’t say it twice
‘Cause I think that you become who you say you are
Yeah, life takes all of your plans and twists them around
To convince you you’re something you’re not

I can’t say when I will be content with what is mine
I do not know when I’ll be satisfied
But I know that I have so much more than most will ever know
Even in vacancy I’ll be alright
Track Name: Roots
May I leave yet? I’m outgrowing my bed
I watched you come and go, but was not allowed to follow
Where does it end? The walls are wearing thin
And just the same awaits me tomorrow

I am waiting here for him to let me in,
But his head is heavy from lack of accomplishment
Sleep is the refuge from the madness of his mind
As he cannot bear to think any longer

Just say the word and tell me I can find my way
Well I’m sorry I can’t help myself, but time moves slowly every day

Maybe I should just stay here
You said I’d be safe, so why risk the fear?
But everything I’ve loved and desired
It will remain
Even in this empty space where you left me framed

So why is it that I always want to leave, but can’t find the bravery?
Track Name: Golden
If silence is golden why do we speak from the heart?
To give it a voice is to risk losing it all in the stillness

If we say everything we feel
Can we grow to feel the things that we don’t
You said give it time give it space
But I don’t believe in that case
I want you to hear me
I want you
But I loathe you too

I can only shelter my words for so long
Even the deaf find their way to being heard
Our free will, will make us whole
When we’ve found balance between belief and the unknown

I try so hard to express the perfect phrase
But if I say just what I feel will that be enough?
Honesty can’t be the only way
When my lips are made useless from speaking the truth
Track Name: Tether
I found the cancer
Eating up my sanity
It rides in white as a horse
But only serves to smother me
Now finally I won’t worry about neglect
Or the lack of respect
I’m severing ties with fiction

You knew just the right way to move
But all I could do was stand there and stare at you

All I can say is I never know what I should say
Stories claim it’s worth it, but here I have lost my need to know
What it might be like

You’re on display, use whatever helps you escape
And find a way to evaporate again
Just never move closer

Show me a sign that this life is worth my time
(But maybe I’m not seeing it right, I just know that)
The words aren’t enough to foresee
We’re creatures who believe when we see

Just have some faith I swear it’s all in the way
You stop yourself before you move
You hesitate and fear that others won’t approve
If you’re in the lines, step outside your mind and lose it
Lose yourself like you’ve got something to prove
Throw it away and burn it up until the night is in flames
Take it all
Take it all and don’t look back,
This is why you were made.